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Groove Center

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    Locate the EXACT CENTER of your board
    Setup lock miter bits with ease
    No measuring or guesswork

    • Quick & accurate setup of router table fence, centers groove in any board up to 4.5 inches width or thickness
    • High precision sliding gears accurate to .001"
    • Creates a 2-1 reduction of the sliding pin in relation to the thickness of your stock.
      This allows the user to center stock on the exact center of the router bit.
    • Make perfectly centered mortises in one pass.
    • Ideal for creating precision drawer slides in the center of your drawers & creating grooves for cabinet panels.
    • Accurate setup of any manufacturers Lock Miter Bits.
    • Made of high quality anodized aluminium.
    • Saves time and reduces wasted stock.
    • Includes wooden storage box.


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    1. Dusted off the lock miter bit

      I finally found out what the magic number is and how to find it on Lock Miter bits not listed in the manual.This tool and the 2 axis depth gauge work in perfect tantum. i bought the groove center and it sat along with my bits for almost 6 months i was discussed.Than i went on a mission for about a week looking for a simple solution.Well one video on YOUTUBE talked about measuring the tung and groove at the carbide on any bit and add them together (I use MM to do this) Divide by 4 and you have the Magic number.I tried it on 3 different manufactured Bits and 3 sizes of material.And every sample came out perfect the first time. I kept the samples and marked them with the bit and the magic number on May 23rd 2016

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    • Groove Center
      Router table jig makes centering stock easy.

    Groove Center

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