Locate the EXACT CENTER of your board
Setup lock miter bits with ease
No measuring or guesswork

Quick & accurate setup of router table fence, centers groove in any board up to 4.5 inches width or thickness
High precision sliding gears accurate to .001"
Creates a 2-1 reduction of the sliding pin in relation to the thickness of your stock. This allows the user to center stock on the exact center of the router bit
Make perfectly centered mortises in one pass
Ideal for creating precision drawer slides in the center of your drawers & creating grooves for cabinet panels.
Accurate setup of any manufacturers Lock Miter Bits
Made of high quality anodized aluminium
Saves time and reduces wasted stock
Includes wooden storage box
Check out this blog entry at HalfInchShy.com
View Demonstration Video   GrooveCenter Brochure
View AWFS Fair 2009 Video   GrooveCenter Owners Manual

Calculated Formula for arriving at the Groove Center offset
 in setting up any manufacturers Lock Miter Bit. CLICK HERE

Technical information from the Inventor
A slot cut in a 1” piece of stock on a router table. Fence set up time 2 minutes using the Groove Center.
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