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This web site is designed for Version 4.0 (or newer) browsers from Microsoft and Netscape. Some of the site functionality may be disabled if you are using an older browser. -- You may upgrade older browsers from Microsoft and Netscape free of charge by clicking either of the icons below and downloading their latest version.   To display the pages of this site properly your monitor should be set to a resolution of 800 x 600 and 16 bit color.

• Click Start
• Mouse to Settings and enter Control Panel
• Double-click on Display
• Click on the Settings Tab
• Adjust "Desktop Area" slider to desired resolution
• Select 16 bit color (or higher)

• Click the pulldown menu in the upper left corner
• Mouse down to Control Panel "Monitors & Sound"
• Set the resolution/color to the desired setting
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Internet Explorer is included in AOL. Subscribers may also specify other browsers to use with their AOL connection. Directions for installation are available from the "Welcome" screen.